Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash Badminton Racket Review

Badminton is a game of perspiration and talent. It needs a lot of practice and dedication to become a great badminton player. But would you only look at the player or the racquet that he/she uses as well? The answer is simple; a player would not be able to perform well if the badminton racquet is not up to the mark. This means that the racquets should be of great quality and should have all the features to make a player what he dreams to be. There is a long list of racquets that can be used by professionals. One such racquet is Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash which has been topping the charts in the range of a top rated badminton racket list. It is amazing to see so much traffic about Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash as this has never happened before. When the company launched its pictures, there were mixed reactions about it and many comments came along with the picture. Let us look at how good the racquet is for you.



  • Level: Advance
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head type: Isometric slim head
  • Weight: 2U – 90-94.9 grams, 3U – 85-89.9 grams
  • Frame: CS Carbon Nanotube, High Modular Graphite
  • Shaft component: Ultra PEF, H.M Graphite
  • Cover: Full cover
  • Ideal for: Attacking/fast defense/offensive
  • String: Yonex BG66 Tension – 25 lbs.
  • Balance: 290 MM

A summary: Pros and Cons


  1. Aerodynamic Shape: Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash has an aerodynamic body which makes it one of the best racquets to maneuver as you wish.
  2. Adaptable: It is adaptable in any situations and can help you get a good grip on your game.
  3. Shaft: The shaft is longer than the normal racquets and this makes it a little more powerful in its genre.
  4. Performance: Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash has a great performance and a balance which helps the player to concentrate on the game rather than the racquet.
  5. Heavy Head: Even the head is heavy it has immense power to play the shots which are surprising but a good quality about it.
  6. Pure shots: When you time your shots on the court you will know the real power of Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash.


  1. Budget: Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash is one of the most expensive racquets in Yonex bandwagon and makes it a little less vulnerable.
  2. Expectations: Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash had a lot of expectations as per the pre-reviews but the packing was not as expected to make it less attractive. Moreover, the price has put it off the list of the most desirable racquets ever.
  3. Notion: It is always seen that anything which is expensive will be great to use. But with Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash this notion stands the opposite. There are many good racquets in this category which are far better in performance and the rates are still cheaper.

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All the above are pros and cons are based on what I feel about Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash. But a review is just a person’s opinion and it should not be judged as the opinions change from person to person. You will need to try out Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash to know what excites you and what does not. The feel of this racquet was great and when I lent it to a few players it was a sight to remember. They were drooling at the racquet when they timed their shots. It is a great one to get accustomed to it and do wonders on the court.

To find out a little more about Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash, let us know a few more details.


A personal analysis of Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash

Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash has been one of the most awaited badminton racquets ever and it has already created a lot of zing in the market. There is a comparison being done for the racquets with the previous ones for example Yonex Arcsaber 11 or Yonex voltric 5 in all the aspects like the look, the feel, the performance, the rates, and the overall experience. From my view, it needs a little time to be stable with any player so that the in and out of the racquet can be understood and the player can then gel well to show the real talent. When you open the packing of Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash, it feels like a child opening a Christmas gift as this has been one of the most awaited things until now. The graphics were surely an awe-striking moment with all the loud colors used. On a closer inspection, it was found that the handle is a little short by 2 cm from the general standards.

Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash is a well-balanced and sorted racquet which gives you a chance to perform. It has the power to return the smash shots with timing and just like a bullet out from the barrel of a gun. At first, you need to be steady and understand how Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash works as you may need to get a hold of it. Once you are through with this then there is no turning back. You will take the game and the opponent by surprise and outshine like a true winner.  It is easy to get a grip of Yonex ArcSaber Z Slash but the heavy head may pose a problem for the players who like to use a balanced racquet. Any racquet would need a few adjustments when you start playing with it. Moreover, you would need to play with a few racquets to know which one suits you and will help your game improve.


To conclude I would give ArcSaber Z Slash a 4 out of 5 stars. The deduction of one star is due to the rate at which this racquet is priced. But depending on the personal choices it is a great racquet for you to improve your game.

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