Yonex Arcsaber 10 Badminton Racket Review

Badminton is a great game for the health and people are turning their heads towards it. Since it is a game of professionals, many ace players keep on raising the bar high as much possible. This can be done with the best racquets available in the market. One such is the Yonex ArcSaber 10. Badminton as a game needs a lot of power to play and good badminton racquets add to the effort. You may find many great racquets which can improve your game drastically. They can even reduce your effort to hit the shots hard enough as the frame has good strokes to make the shuttle travel long enough. However, there is one racquet which has been one of the best in its class and been the favorite of the pros of the game. Let us take a quick look at the review of the product.



  • Level: Advance
  • Ideal for: Attacking/fast defense/offensive
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Head type: Isometric
  • Weight: 89 grams approx. (3U-)/95 grams (2U-)
  • pt: 7
  • Head component: H.M Graphite, Super HMG, CS Carbon Nanotube
  • Shaft component: Ultra PEF, H.M Graphite
  • Cover: Full cover
  • String: Yonex BG-65 (custom)/can be upgraded

A summary: Pros and Cons


  1. Stylish and Reliable: It has great graphics which is the USP of Yonex and is solid for a firm grip. With least twist on the racquet it provides a true shot at every condition. It has a lateral strength available which comes from the T piece that is built in.
  2. Different from other racquets: The movements of Yonex ArcSaber 10 are designed additionally as compared to the other racquets making it perfect to send the shuttle to the next side and in power.
  3. Shaft: The shaft is stiff to make it a great timing for players. It also gives a nice balance and feels while you play with it with minimum or no adjustments required.
  4. Frame: The frame has a lot of potentials when compared to other racquets to send the shuttle to the other side of the court with minimum efforts.
  5. Sync: As soon as you hit the first shot with your Yonex AcrSaber 10, you know that you have got the right companion for the game.
  6. Extra comfort: This racquet gives you a little extra comfort as you can relax when playing simple shots and use less power so that the shots go perfectly.


  1. Budget: The Yonex ArcSaber 10 is surely an expensive one as compared to the other racquets in its category. Therefore, it is not affordable by many for this reason.
  2. Clone: The racquet has a clone from China and one needs to be aware of buying a duplicate one and waste the money on it. There is no China version from the original makers and you need to be sure to buy the right product.
  3. Expectations: The racquet has a lot of expectations as it is the top in this range and with this budget, there should be no flaws as per the professionals.

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It is always good to know the positive and negative points for any product you buy. Furthermore, if it is a sports field, this can hamper your performance in a huge way. Many websites offer the same Yonex ArcSaber 10 Badminton racquet at a lesser cost as they are fake but you will only be able to make out when you put an original and a duplicate one side by side. It is necessary to keep your facts and figures handy so that you know where you invest. The graphics design on the racquet is enough for you to know if the racquet is an original or not. If this is not a clear sign of originality, then you can check the ferrule for the serial code. The most common sin is the twist in the head which cannot be copied so easily.

To find out a little more about Yonex ArcSaber 10, let us know a few more details.


A personal analysis of Yonex ArcSaber 10 Badminton racquet

The Yonex ArcSaber 10 Badminton racquet goes well with the player as it can be accustomed to the style of the player and give them an experience of their lifetime. It will ensure that you would not like any other racquet, for example yonex arcsaber 10 or yonex voltric 5 even if it is expensive than this one. If you wish to get this racquet, then you would need to spend for it. This is the only option else you can get duped for saving just a little money. It will be a great choice and help you to enhance your game in all aspects. You will not regret the decision at all since it has qualities of a thorough professional. As a reviewer, I would give the Yonex ArcSaber 10 a 4 out of 5 star as per the performance and looks. The one star which it lost is due to the high price that it quotes. Otherwise it is a gem of all racquets. But I believe everything that is great in its attributes must be expensive else it will lose its charm in the long run.

But from a professional standpoint you need to ensure that your game improves whenever you change a badminton racquet. So be sure to get a hold of the racquet before you get into a game professionally, else you may fumble due to the newness of the ArcSaber 10 and would not want that to happen under any circumstances. But the ArcSaber is a well-equipped one and will make you get used to it from the very first shot.


To conclude on the review, I would say that this is a personal review with all the aspects of the Yonex ArcSaber 10 from the reviewer’s perspective. But everyone has an opinion and should be voiced out. From the above review, I can say that this racquet is one of the best in its genre and should be tried for a better gaming experience. So try out the Yonex ArcSaber 10 to get in the game with a zing and make it big.

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