Badminton Equipment: Required Stuffs to Ace Your Game

The badminton sport requires badminton equipment to start the game. Many of us already know the basic equipment and badminton gear of the sport; however, only those sports enthusiasts understand the function for each item. Here, we will discuss the basic equipment of badminton and its individual use.

Basic Badminton Equipment List

The badminton item listed in the following will help you understand better what roles it plays in the game.

Badminton Racket

The badminton racket is the first thing we usually think of when it comes to badminton equipment. The racket, along with the shuttlecock, symbolizes the sport.

The racket’s material has different types that significantly affect your game. Depending on your material preference, the combination of your racket’s weight, string tensions, and balance point will help you determine if you will ace your game. There are so many different combinations in the market now, and it may take some time to decide which is perfect for you.

Meanwhile, there are many online stores right now that sell different types of top badminton rackets. You can check the description of the racket and decide which is for you. You can also ask for referrals from your friends if they know stores who have great rackets.


The shuttlecock also is another thing we usually think of in badminton. Like the rackets, shuttlecocks also have different types. You can choose from a plastic-made or a feather-made shuttlecock.

Plastic shuttlecocks are the standard type used by many badminton enthusiasts. This type is also more durable than the feathered one.

The plastic shuttlecock is only recommended for beginners, however. The feathered types are expensive and easily fray, especially if used with a wrong technique. Therefore, plastic shuttlecocks are perfect for training and recreational activities outdoor or at your home yard.

Aside from that, plastic shuttlecocks are designed for short distance shots primarily because they are heavier than the feathered ones. Using plastic ones is a good stepping stone to train and transition to feathered ones.

Badminton Shoes

Like any other sports, badminton has a specific type of shoes designed to improve your performance. These shoes are made for better traction and grip for a good stop to give back your shot. They are also lightweight and have better cushioning for excellent absorption of impact whenever you land or jump.

Those who play regularly find heel cups useful to extend the lifespan of their badminton shoes.

It is advised, however, to not wear jogging shoes. This type of shoes lacks traction and grip. You might crash into the badminton net if you were not able to stop when receiving a drop shot from your opponent.

Badminton Attire

The badminton attire completes the list of badminton equipment. Regardless if you are a regular or non-regular player, comfortable badminton attire is still recommended.

A comfortable pair of shorts and a dri-fit t-shirt is the exact combination of your attire. Many professionals are even adding badminton gears like wristbands, hand grips, and ankle guards to their attire.

There are also colorful badminton outfits in the market today that you might find interesting. Each of these gears boosts your confidence in playing badminton.

Understanding Basic Badminton

The Game

The badminton sport has five main categories. These categories are men and women singles, men and women doubles, and mixed doubles. The type of badminton game will depend on the category a player will join. Opposing single players or double teams will stand on both sides of the court.

The catch of the game is to rally a shuttlecock over the net through each player’s racket. The term “rally” is used in badminton as “volleying a shuttlecock over the net until it lands on the ground.”

The goal of the game, on the other hand, is to hit the shuttlecock inside the marked boundaries of each side of the court. A score is marked on the winning side that gets the rally. The game will be over once one side of the opposing players reaches a target score of 21 points.

The Court

The badminton court measures 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. Each side of the court measures 22 feet long and 20 feet wide.

The court also has boundary lines that serve as the long service lines for singles and the sidelines for doubles. The center line, which is from the short service line to the back boundary line, separates the sides of the court.

The Net and The Serve

The measurement of the badminton net is 2 ½ feet deep. It is raised 5 feet high at the center of the court, in parallel to the net line. The nets are usually made of vinyl mesh and have a cotton or leather top.

Meanwhile, a serve is made from the court’s right side during the start of the game and if the server has an even number score. If the server scores an odd number, on the other hand, he or she will serve from the left side of the court. The server also serves from the court’s opposite side if they win a rally.

For doubles, the same serving rules are applied. The only exception is the passing of the serve. The passes of serves are consecutive from opposite sides of the court.

The Shuttlecock

The shuttlecock makes the twist of the badminton sport. It is rallied across the net, granting points to the side who wins it.

The shuttlecock is originally made from birds’ feathers; that’s why it is called as a “birdie” as well.

For professional competitions, a birdie is ideally made of 16 real feathers attached to the sweet spot. Others are even using goose feathers, from the left wing of the bird.

The Racket

The badminton’s racket is often made of fiber, aluminum, and steel materials. Its recommended maximum length and wideness are 26.77 inches and 9.06 inches, respectively. The racket’s strings are ideally .03 inches thick. Its overall weight must have a maximum of 3.2 oz.

Understanding the different functionalities of the badminton equipment is part of learning the badminton basics. You only have to learn how to utilize each item effectively to improve your performance and eventually ace your game.

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